Venturing the Internet that’s the beginning of Venternet’s journey…

Our mission is to help you utilizing the Internet Technology & Tools that makes the Internet world a better place to live so you can spend more time doing things you really love.

Venternet is a site that is equipped for knowledge sharing, experimental study and insights in the field of study:

  1. Internet Tools (Undiscovered useful websites and tools other than Google, Wikipedia etc.)
  2. Software Tools (Many underrated helpful software, web apps and smartphone apps to supercharge your productivity)
  3. Tips & Tricks (Uncommon IT tips & tricks to improve efficiency of your computer’s daily activities)
  4. Internet Marketing (Utilizing Internet technologies to improve business or create new business opportunities)
  5. Technology (New & Useful Technologies sharing to keep you updated with technology insights)
  6. Crowdsourcing (Getting work done from a crowd of online talent resources)
  7. Platforms (Useful online platforms for your everyday life such as online courses, forums, utility platforms etc.)

……….all in the layman-way of presenting our knowledge and insights.

Our Mission is to create a community for especially non IT-savyy people to understand and use Internet the way you have never imagined you could without prior technical background needed.

So, welcome to Venternet — where we live digitally on the ecosystem of Internet in a better way.

Join this Venternet community to share the passion we have for Internet, and share your same passion and knowledge with us!