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Important Google URLs You Should Know

1 Google stores a list of usernames and passwords that you have typed in Google Chrome or Android for logging into various websites. They even have a website where you can view all these passwords in plain text. 2 Google creates a profile of yourself based on the sites you visit, guessing your age, gender and interests and then use this data to serve you more relevant ads (in other words, they make more money selling you relevant ads). 3 You can easily export all your data out of the Google ecosystem. You can download your...

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How to find out colour palette from any image, web page or anything

Many of us at some points, have come across this question, how do I get to know the colour palette used from the image, web page, or almost anything? Fortunately, this post answers to all these.Some creative folks have come out with really beautiful combination of colour ​and as human, we are always curious how do we get the same colour with ease.There are several ways of achieving this objective, and all the methods shown here, are all free of charge.​​Eyedropper Tool from Google Chrome Browser There is a very useful tool built in chrome development tool. I even don't...

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Report Black Hat SEO to Google for Suspicious Websites

You know what is Black Hat SEO but you may not know we can actually report them to Google directly. We should report Black Hat SEO to Google for it to wipe off these low quality websites that has polluted the Internet community with irrelevant contents or manufactured paid links. Did you know you can report Black Hat SEO to Google directly? If you know for sure a website is selling or buying paid links, you can report directly to Google using this Google Webmaster Tools for reporting paid links How to report Websites with Black Hat SEO to Google? I will...

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Download videos for free from any website

Internet Download Manager (IDM)  is an extremely powerful software that enables you to download almost anything, 5 times the normal speed you get from downloading from a browser. It also enables you to be able to download almost any video on any browser on any website hosted on internet all for FREE.     Screenshots of Internet Download Manager software The full definition from the Internet Download Manager: Internet Download Manager is a tool for increasing download speeds by up to 5 times, and for resuming, scheduling, and organizing downloads. The program will resume unfinished downloads due to network problems,...

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How to block game requests on Facebook permanently

  You have been getting almost non stop invites/notifications games from your friends. We had the same problem. You have also warned posted on your Facebook newsfeed to your friends, never invite you for any game or app, but they never listen. We feel you. The main reason was due to the evil feature of Facebook Game’s ‘Invite All Your Friends’ where your friends very likely lazy to filter you out while ‘inviting’. Step-by-Step: How to Block Game Requests on Facebook Now, let’s go straight to the solution how to block game requests on Facebook permanently with detailed steps outlined below: 01. Click on...

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