How to find out colour palette from any image, web page or anything

Many of us at some points, have come across this question, how do I get to know the colour palette used from the image, web page, or almost anything? Fortunately, this post answers to all these.

Some creative folks have come out with really beautiful combination of colour ​and as human, we are always curious how do we get the same colour with ease.

There are several ways of achieving this objective, and all the methods shown here, are all free of charge.​

Eyedropper Tool from Google Chrome Browser

There is a very useful tool built in chrome development tool. I even don't know its name, and I am not able to find it on google. I would say it is a pixel inspector tool.

I find the following method how to use it:

  1. Pick an element with a background color
    1. Right click and select Inspect an html element.
    2. Define background color of an element.
  2. Click on the color picker.
  3. Move your mouse over any element on the page (not on the dev tool)
  4. From there, you will get to see the hexadecimal color code to be used in Photoshop, Gimp or any software that you can input the color code.

​See it in action how Google Color Picker works below:

ColorZilla extension from Google Chrome store

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