How to block game requests on Facebook permanently

How to block game requests on Facebook


You have been getting almost non stop invites/notifications games from your friends. We had the same problem.

You have also warned posted on your Facebook newsfeed to your friends, never invite you for any game or app, but they never listen. We feel you.

The main reason was due to the evil feature of Facebook Game's 'Invite All Your Friends' where your friends very likely lazy to filter you out while 'inviting'.

Step-by-Step: How to Block Game Requests on Facebook

Now, let's go straight to the solution how to block game requests on Facebook permanently with detailed steps outlined below:

01. Click on 'Games' link under 'Apps' section on your left of home page



02. Click on 'Activity' link and then 'Invitations' link


03. Click on the 'X' button on your right



04. Block game requests or even your friend's any future game requests



05. [Final Step]: I always block both the game request and my friend's requests in my Facebook account 🙂




That's it! Executing the 5 detailed steps by steps above, will permanently block the game requests on your Facebook account.  You will not receive any annoying invites from the same games or friends anymore! Hooray..!


Just in case you change your mind for unblocking


Just in case you change your mind in the future for unblocking your friends from sending you game requests in Facebook that you have just blocked, you can always undo this in Privacy settings page as shown above screenshot anytime.

Unfortunately, you have to do this manually for every game requests or friend that you want to block on your Facebook settings page. There's no easy workaround at the moment.

Do you have a shorter or more effective ways to block game requests on Facebook? Please share with us your methods as well in the comments below.

Have a nice day without any annoying game requests from Facebook anymore! 😉


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